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Welcome to surebetadvice.com

A sure bet is a bet placed in such a way that it will always generate a profit, no matter the outcome of the event. This is done by making use of arbitrage opportunities in online sports betting.

Nonetheless, it is not easy to repeatedly find and make use of these opportunities.

This is because a lot of factors will have to be taken into account when pursuing an arbitrage strategy. Also, in theory, sure betting is a guarantee for profit; however in reality there are risks attached to it.

You can find everything you need to know about how you can successfully place sure bets and what to look out for while doing this on this website. Also, the website provides free sure bets.

However, before you start placing sure bets, I strongly recommend you to first fully understand the basics of making use of arbitrage opportunities in online sports betting. 

Basics of placing surebets

A bettor needs to know how many bookmakers he has to select.

The ideal number of bookmakers for beginners is between five and twenty.

The exact number is user-dependent and is based on the number of arbitrage opportunities a user wants to have, the amount of risk a user wants to bear, and how many fluctuations between accounts a user wants to have.

To help decide what the ideal number of bookmakers is for you two guidelines are presented on the number of bookmakers page.

Not only the number of bookmakers is important, but also which bookmakers you select is crucial. On the best bookmakers for sure bets page, you can find which bookmakers are useful for sure betting and which are not.

This is based on the bookmaker’s number of visitors, profit margins, review grades, and usability in combination with sports betting arbitrage software providers.

Another important factor in sure betting is the software you select.

There are a lot of paid and free services that help find arbitrage opportunities in online sports betting.

These software providers scan all the odds of the bookmakers they have selected and show you where there are arbitrage opportunities.

Reviews on the most important arbitrage betting software providers are given on the sure bet software providers page.

Mathematics and bankroll management

When you start sure betting it is useful to have a good understanding of how the mathematics behind sure bets work.

For both types of odds systems, fixed odds and exchange odds, an example is provided that will help you understand the mathematics behind arbitrage betting easily.

Moreover, it is important to know how to manage your bankroll when sure betting.

The best tool that not only displays sure bets but also helps you in calculating the right stakes is RebelBetting.

Everything you need to know about how to effectively manage your bankroll, ranging from how to deal with fluctuations in accounts to e-wallets, can be found on the bankroll management page.

Extra information

Experienced sure bettors know that making use of arbitrage opportunities in online sports betting is more than finding opportunities and solid bankroll management. For example, they have developed ways to avoid getting limited by bookmakers.

Furthermore, they do not only use bookmakers but also know how to make use of betting exchanges which are an important part of mathematical betting strategies.

All the extra information you need to become a well-informed arbitrage bettor can be found on this Sure Bet website. Besides arbitrage betting, we also cover some other sports betting systems.

The theories presented on this website have been successfully tested.

However, please note that placing sure bets is never 100 percent risk-free and that the author of this website is in no way responsible for any possible losses. Important: never bet with money you cannot afford to lose.

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