15 Best Tipsters in the world: Top Sites & Services [2023]

If you are looking for the best tipster services or tipster sites that are trustworthy, this article is for you.

I have tried following paid and free tipster services from Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

This article was created to present the most viable, profitable, and trustworthy tipster services I tested and used successfully, even in the long run.

Tipstrr and Betting Gods are the best tipster sites and platforms for bettors looking for paid or free tipsters.

(12 months)
1.Footballer Tips4814.2%6872€Check Stats
2.Underdog Racing Tips3445.916122€Check Stats
3.soccerrafa4113.8%2775€Check Stats
4.Zenith718.7%8868€Check Stats
5.Lemonado4312.3%4888€Check Stats
6.rcapunter104810%1472€Check Stats
7.SVB Tips4013%2249€Check Stats
8.star tips10710.5%5248€Check Stats
9.BRTennis1311.5%372€Check Stats
10.Won Racing Tip755.1%1679€Check Stats
11.Gamesdraws3929.6%5264€Check Stats
12.365 Tips2835.6%6036€Check Stats
13.Elite Horse Tips3827%8236€Check Stats
14.Footy Star1517.9%1339€Check Stats
15.Statometer1830.75225€Check Stats
Best tipsters in the world (that have not manipulated betting history)

These tipster sites allow anyone to open an account and offer a prediction. But the main difference between them and other tipster platforms is how they handle tipsters.

Best football betting tipsters – top football tipster services

1. Lemonado

  • Monthly Profit: 251€
  • ROI: 17.3%
  • Avg. odds:2.17
  • Avg. tips per week:34
  • Win rate:52%
  • Profit: 3340€

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2. Zenith

  • Monthly Profit: 228€
  • ROI: 11.6%
  • Avg. odds: 2.34
  • Avg. tips per week: 46
  • Win rate: 46%
  • Profit: 1361€

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3. Soccerrafa

  • Monthly Profit: 220€
  • ROI: 17.2%
  • Avg. odds: 2.42
  • Avg. tips per week: 30
  • Win rate: 49%
  • Profit: 1309€

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4. Footballer Tips

  • Monthly Profit: 153€
  • ROI: 11.7%
  • Avg. odds: 2.62
  • Avg. tips per week: 31
  • Win rate: 43%
  • Profit: 915€

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5. HAF tips

  • Monthly profit: 90€
  • ROI: 5.7%
  • Avg. odds: 2.39
  • Avg. tips per week: 37
  • Win rate: 49%
  • Profit: 501€

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6. start tips

  • Monthly Profit: 547€
  • ROI: 9.7%
  • Avg. odds: 2.62
  • Avg. tips per week: 131
  • Win rate: 42%
  • Profit: 3250 €

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Best tipster services on Tipstrr – top betting tipster site

1. Lemonado – top football tipster

  • Lemonado is a top football tipster who makes 402€ profit per month based on a 10€ average stake
  • This football tipster made over 3340 euros profit all time by giving over 2268 football tips (around 37 tips per week)
  • This profit was calculated with the basic stake of 10 euros
  • The majority of football betting tips are placed on Draw no bet and over/under
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Lemonado has an average odds of 2.25, which range can offer a great value for smart bettors
Lemonado football tipster service stats

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2. UNDERDOG Racing Tips – best horse racing tipster service

  • Underdog Racing Tips has an average monthly profit of around 575€ profit based on a 10€ average stake
  • Based on 19 tips per week on average the 16700 euros profit seems very high
  • The majority of the prediction are offered for Each Way market on horse racing at the following bookmakers: Bet365 and Betfair
  • The majority of betting predictions are published on the day of the event
  • Underdog Racing Tips has an average odd of 17.7 on the tips
underdog racing tips tipster site service stats

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3. Zenith – top football tipster

  • Zenith has an average monthly profit of around 251€ profit based on a 10€ average stake
  • Based on 73 tips per week on average, the 7537 euros profit seems a decent and sustainable profit
  • The majority of betting predictions are published on the day of the event by using the following betting sites: Bet365, Betfair, and Skybet
  • Most tips are posted on the day of the event
  • Zenith has an avg. odds of 2.25, which is decreasing the number of losing bets in the long run
Zenith tipstrr betting tipster site top tipster service

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4. On Target Tips – top Horse Racing Tipster

  • On Target Tips horse racing tipster has an average monthly profit of around 320€ profit based on a 10€ average stake
  • Based on 46 tips per week on average the 9369 euros of overall profit is more than excellent
  • The majority of betting predictions are published on the day of the event by using the following betting sites: Bet365, 888Sport, Betfair, Skybet
  • On Target Tips is offering tips with an average odds of 10.1
On target tipstrr betting tipster service site

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Best Tipster Sites and Services in 2022

As I already mentioned, offering tipster services on social media, different forums, or individual sites is effortless these days.

This is why most bettors fall into the trap of many fake tipster gurus and scam services. I have many friends who tried many tipster services based on proof of profits, recommendations from an unknown person, etc.

Making false proof of bets in a picture or video format is surprisingly easy. The only way to check if a tipster site is trustworthy is if the platform is not allowing you to modify your betting history.

If a tipster can’t delete losing tips, or modify odds or stakes, their tipster profile will mirror their experience and actual results.

Below you can find more details about two similar betting sites that won’t allow tipsters to manipulate their results.

1. Tipstrr – Free & paid professional tipster site

Tipstrr is a growing tipster for a good reason. Nobody likes being scammed by social media tipster services. 

Tipstrr is offering everything that the majority of bettors need when looking for valuable predictions. 

I have known this platform for several years but started following their tipsters only around 1.5 years ago. 

tipstrr screenshot - best betting tipster site and service

Anybody can open a tipster account and offer betting tips on their platform. You can open one for yourself and test it. You won’t be able to delete your bets or modify anything after they are placed.

This tipster platform is taking odds from a selected number of bookmakers/markets, and every prediction you will see on Tipstrr was placed on those odds.

Advantages of Tipstrr:

  • A detailed prediction history for each tipster: bookies, markets, teams, posting time used
  • You can choose between Free and Paid tipster services too
  • Advanced filter for picking the right tipster for your needs
  • Trustworthy: you can see the actual result of each tipster

Downsides of Tipstrr:

  • Tipsters can use only a few selected bookmakers
  • Only some more significant markets are available for predictions

Tipster site with a detailed prediction history 

As I already mentioned, most tipster sites are not credible because of the lack of proof of their previous bets. Offering pictures, screenshots, or videos about previous bets is not enough. 

Even with the most basic programming knowledge, you can manipulate betting slip results and make a video that can fool many bettors.

On Tipstrr, on the other hand, you can follow tipsters who have proved their skills and experience based on several hundreds of bets.

A long and successful and correct football prediction history with great and fairly continuous profit is an excellent sign of a tipster worth following.

tipstrr top tipster platform

Free and paid tipster services

Many bettors don’t have the starting capital for trying premium tipsters. Fortunately, here on Tipstrr you can find many successful tipsters who are sharing predictions for free or for a cheap trial subscription.

Many of them are doing this as a hobby, while others are free tipsters because their betting history is not long enough.

No matter what is the case, following free tipster services on Tipstrr can also be successful.

I have been actively sports betting since 2014. I used many different services, mathematical betting strategies, sports betting algorithms. 

The most important thing I learned is that you will get what you are paying for in almost every case. Making profits with the free version of sports betting software or betting tipster services is possible.

But the amount of profits you make is minimal with fairly large time investment. Many people can’t afford to pay 50+ euros for a tipster site or an individual tipster service.

tipstrr tipster site free and paid tipster services

But having the funds for it and not trying to take the next step is a missed opportunity.

Sports covered by Tipstrr

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

The majority of predictions are focused on football (soccer) and horse racing. Some of the best tipsters are also successful in basketball or hockey betting, but the sports mentioned above represent the biggest part of predictions.

Best tipsters based on filters

To find the best tipster on this platform, you can apply the following filters in the searcher: 

  • Nr. Of predictions
  • ROI
  • Profit
  • Odds Range

2. Betting Gods – Top Tipster platform with verified tipsters

Advantages of Betting Gods

  • Tipsters covering many different sports
  • Access to free and paid betting tipsters as well
  • Carefully selected betting tipsters
  • Each tipster service has a free trial option
  • Betting Gods is offering a money-back guarantee policy for subscribers who are not satisfied

Are paid betting tipster services/sites worth it?

In most cases, if you are looking for a sports betting software or tipster site, the paid version will offer more value.

Tipster platforms and services with a premium plan focus more on offering more for their subscribers. Getting more clients and keeping the existing ones active requires a satisfied subscriber.

The only way to keep clients coming back is to offer predictions that will help them make money or not lose in the short run. 

Many tipster sites and platforms are offering free platforms that are surprisingly valuable. 

Are free tipster sites any good?

I know many bettors who lose their parlay bets daily. Most of them follow worthless tipster sites that are often also paid services.

Some free tipster sites like Tipstrr are good and sometimes even excellent choices. Most of the time, they are way better than social media tipsters.

Each successful tipster with a great following base has a fairly long betting history. Someone with good credibility and a big follower base is not offering betting tips for free. Or at least not for a long time.

So, if you are a hobby bettor, free tipster sites might be good for figuring out what kind of tipster platform or site you want to follow.

But in most cases, these free subscriptions and predictions won’t mean a long-term profit and success.

Are free tipsters useless?

Finding a free tipster is fairly easy. Each bettor who posts predictions starts a tipping service without a subscription fee. 

Building up a portfolio with many predictions and a big follower base is not easy and almost impossible if not offering predictions for free at the beginning.

The majority of bettors follow free tipsters and tipster sites for a reason. Sports betting with a long-term profit is not easy. Many of them can be successful with the help of mathematical betting strategies.

The other part of bettors (around 96%-97%) is struggling to be profitable. 

Most bettors are afraid or don’t want to spend money on opting in for a paid service, and this is why they hope for the best and start following free tipster sites.

Free tipsters and tipster sites are not useless if they have a long betting history and some success level. They must offer predictions on tipster sites where they can’t manipulate the betting history. 

In this case, following a free tipster is not useless, and it can be worth your time.

Are paid tipsters worth it?

Paid tipster sites and services are worth following if you can bet on the same odds as the tipster. In most cases, picking a very similar odd is also enough for long-term profits.

If you start following paid tipsters or even premium tipster services, you will have a slight edge compared to other bettors.

Tens of thousands of bettors follow free tipster sites and services. Every time a famous free betting tipster is posting a new pick, thousands of bettors start placing bets at those bookies on those markets.

On the other hand,a paid tipster doesn’tt have that many followers. So, paying for their services might often put you in the first spot. This way, you can place bets before the odds could drop.

Sooner or later, free tipsters will also post the same prediction, which might lead to significant odds movements. If you want to follow successful tipsters, your only real chance for being profitable in the long run is if you can place your bets on the same odds or very similar ones.

Correct filters to find the best football tipsters

There are two ways to find a trustworthy football tipster. 

  • The first one is the hard and long process of trying many and probably losing a lot of money. 
  • The other method is accepting pieces of advice from experts and using a detailed filter on tipster sites and platforms.

The smart choice is obviously the second one. The tipster platforms mentioned above have a wide variety of selection of successful and profitable football tipsters.

Their list is changing from month to month, but the profitable tipsters are always containing some bigger names.

1. Nr. Of bets placed by the football tipster

Almost anyone can have a winning streak and produce a successful tipster profile in a short period. But the really successful football tipsters are offering 20-35 picks a week, and they still can be in a profit.

If you want to choose a successful football tipster, the more bets they have in their prediction history, the more accurate their result is.

2. Odds range the football tipster uses

Higher odds mean bigger variance but also a bigger chance of holding real value. It means if you start placing bets on higher odds, you will experience longer losing streaks (which is obvious). 

But the bookies are offering more mistakes on higher odds. So, a smart football tipster who can spot these mistakes can have even bigger returns.

You should pick a tipster based on your risk tolerance. Do you want to win at least 5-6 bets out of 10? Then pick a tipster with average odds of around 2.20. 

Your risk tolerance is higher, and you want to aim for bigger returns? Then a football tipster with average odds above 3 or even 4 will get you what you need.

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Are free tipster sites any good?

Free tipsters and tipster sites are not useless if they have a long betting history and some success level. They must offer predictions on tipster sites where they can’t manipulate the betting history. 

Are paid tipsters worth it?

Paid tipster sites and services are worth following if you can bet on the same odds as the tipster. In most cases, picking a very similar odd is also enough for long-term profits.

Are paid betting tipster services/sites worth it?

In most cases, if you are looking for a sports betting software or tipster site, the paid version will offer more value.

Which are the best tipster sites?

Tipstrr and Betting Gods are the best tipster sites by far if you want to use tipster platforms that don’t allow the manipulation of betting history.

Who is the best football tipster?

1. Lemonado: Monthly profit: 109,64 € (flat stake of 10 €)
1. soccerrafa: Monthly profit: 278,23 € (flat stake of 10 €)
2. Footballer Tips: Monthly profit: 283,21 € (flat stake of 10 €)
3. star tips: Monthly profit: 732,64 € (flat stake of 10 €)
4. Zenith: Monthly profit: 128,18 € (flat stake of 10 €)
5. sagat: Monthly profit: 103.4 € (flat stake of 10 €)
6. rcapunter: Monthly profit: 175.2 € (flat stake of 10 €)
7. DOUBLE’Z: Monthly profit: 100.6 € (flat stake of 10 €)
8. fo.be.ti: Monthly profit: 138.5 € (flat stake of 10 €)
9. FOOTBALL BY PISTOL: Monthly profit: 126.5 € (flat stake of 10 €)