9 Best arbitrage betting software: Free sure bet finders [2023]

Even if you know many arbitrage betting software, picking the best one for your needs is challenging. But if you just started learning about sure betting, choosing the right arbitrage bet finder without proper research is almost impossible.

I’ve used and tested over 10 relevant tools during my betting career of over 7 years, so you don’t have to. I included lists of free & premium arbitrage bet finders in this article.

rebelbetting icon


RebelBetting is the top pre-match sure bet finder for bettors from the EU & UK. And also a great pick for US bookies.

✓ Odds refresh rate: 4.7/5
✓ Odds accuracy: 4.8/5
✓ Site up-time: 99.99%
✓ Bookies covered: 4.8/5
✓ Value/Price: 4.9/5

14-day free trial!

RebelBetting Review →

oddsjam new logo

OddsJam covers the most (35+) betting sites from the USA and Canada. They offer pre-match and in-play arbitrage bet finder as well.

✓ Odds refresh rate: 4.6/5
✓ Odds accuracy: 4.7/5
✓ Site up-time: 99.99%
✓ Bookies covered: 4.8/5
✓ Value/Price: 4.7/5

7-day free trial!

OddsJam Review →

betburger arbitrage betting software logo

BetBurger is the top in-play value betting software for bookies from the EU & UK, and for 15+ from the US.

✓ Odds refresh rate: 4.8/5
✓ Odds accuracy: 4.6/5
✓ Site up-time: 99.0%
✓ Bookies covered: 5/5
✓ Value/Price: 4.7/5

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Are you in a hurry? Check my recommendation:

  1. USA & Canada: OddsJam is without a doubt the best sure bet finder for users from these countries. They have the widest bookie coverage and also a great service for an acceptable monthly fee (visit site)[OddsJam review]
  2. Europe: Budget-friendly: Visit ArbMate; Premium: for in-play arbitrage betting Visit BetBurger or RebelBetting for pre-match.
  3. Africa: Both Surebet.com and Breaking Bet are offering affordable and excellent services (Surebet.com Review & Breaking Bet Review)

Best free arbitrage betting software & sure bets finder

There are two types of free arbitrage bet finders: one with full access to each service for a limited time and the other with limited access but for an unlimited time.

For pre-match arbitrage betting, I can recommend BetBurger and surebet.com. If you plan on switching to a premium subscription, BetBurger will be the apparent winner.

Unfortunately, not every arbitrage bet finder offers a free version of their services, and I think it’s understandable from many points of view. 

If someone is looking for ways how to beat the bookmakers, they would likely make every effort to avoid paying for software.

Many sure bet service owner is complaining about fighting against users who open free accounts over and over at their services. 

#1. BetBurger – Access to free arbitrage bets for unlimited time

betburger free arbitrage betting software screenshot

Key Functionalities:

  • Delay on free sure bets: 60 sec.
  • Max profit on free arbs: 1%
  • Max profit on free value bets: 2%
  • Bookies covered: 280+
  • Sports covered: 36+
  • Pre-match/In-play: Yes/Yes

#2. Surebet.com – Access to free sure bets for unlimited time

surebet.com free arbitrage bet finder screenshot

Key Functionalities:

  • Delay on free sure bets: 60 sec.
  • Max profit on free arbs: 1%
  • Max profit on free value bets: No limitation
  • Bookies covered: 180+
  • Sports covered: 39+
  • Pre-match/In-play: Yes/No

#3. RebelBetting – Unlimited free arbitrage betting for 2 weeks

rebelbetting free trial arbitrage betting software

Key Functionalities:

  • Delay on free sure bets: No
  • Max profit on free arbs: Unlimited
  • Max profit on free value bets: No limitation
  • Bookies covered: 60+
  • Sports covered: 10+
  • Pre-match/In-play: Yes/No

#4. OddsJam – free arbitrage bets for USA & Canada – 7-day free trial

Key Functionalities:

  • Delay on free sure bets: No
  • Max profit on free arbs: Unlimited
  • Max profit on free value bets: No limitation
  • Bookies covered: 36+ (a growing number)
  • Sports covered: 7
  • Pre-match/In-play: Yes/Yes

#5. OddsBoom – free arbitrage bets for USA & Canada


OddsBoom was bought out by OddsJam. The information below is no longer valid. If you need software for arbitrage, value, or matched betting visit my OddsJam review.


  • Delay on free sure bets: No
  • Limited access to free sure bets
  • Free odds comparison site
  • Bookies covered: 100+
  • Sports covered: 12
  • Pre-match/In-play: Yes/No

#6. BetWasp – BetBurger product – free sure & value betting software


Key Functionalities:

  • Delay on free sure bets: No
  • Max profit on free arbs: Unlimited
  • Max profit on free value bets: No limitation
  • Bookies covered: 15+ (a growing number)
  • Sports covered: 38
  • Pre-match/In-play: No/Yes

Best Premium arbitrage betting Software – top sure bet finders

#1. RebelBetting review – unlimited arbitrage betting software for 14 days

RebelBetting has had an important place in pre-match arbitrage betting for many long years. They always focused on keeping their customers satisfied, and that’s why they stuck only to pre-match sure betting.

This arbitrage betting software is focusing on scanning European betting sites, but their sure bet finder also includes many bookies from Africa, Asia, and 13+ from the USA + Canada.

Their simple user interface and beginner guides will help each beginner wannabe sure bettor to take the first step towards being successful in sports betting.

rebelbetting sure bet finder bankroll options
RebelBetting sure bet finder bankroll management options


€89/€179 per month Starter/Pro subscription

Bookies covered: 60+

US betting sites: 13+

Sports: 10+

Besides scanning over 60 betting sites, they also cover many of their clones. This arbitrage bet finder started focusing on the US market in 2022 by adding over 13 important betting sites.

The betting industry in the USA is growing and more bookies get a license to operate. These offer significantly more bonuses and higher maximum stakes compared to players from Europe.

Sure bet finders are one of the most important tools for successful and profitable betting, so by focusing on arbitrage betting in the USA as well, RebelBetting can get more attention and new valuable clients.

Rebelbetting arbitrage bet finder bookie specific settings

PROS of RebelBetting

  • Premium arbitrage betting software for Pre-match
  • You can get full access to their services for 14 days for Free
  • No delay and profit limitations in displaying sure betting opportunities with the free version (the only similar service for EU, African, and Asian bettors)
  • You can test this sure betting software for free without risking your money
  • Their software can be downloaded or used in your internet browser
  • They are focusing on displaying accurate sure betting opportunities
  • By having a fast arb scanner and accurate odds, Rebel Betting is treated like a top-tier arbitrage and value betting software

CONS of RebelBetting

  • They have only a pre-match arbitrage betting software

My experience with RebelBetting

  1. I always had a positive experience with RebelBetting
  2. The customer service at this arbitrage betting software always solved my issues as fast as possible
  3. When I was using them, the majority of arbitrage bets were displayed accurately which saved me a lot of time
rebelbetting arbitrage betting software
RebelBetting in Action

Key Functionalities:

  1. Alerting users to arbitrage opportunities: RebelBetting’s software is designed to identify discrepancies in odds between different bookmakers, and alert users to opportunities where they can place bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event, ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome.
  2. Providing odds comparison: RebelBetting’s software allows users to compare odds from different bookmakers, helping them identify the best odds and opportunities for arbitrage.
  3. Placing bets: Once a user has identified an arbitrage opportunity, RebelBetting’s software helps them place the necessary bets to take advantage of that opportunity, including calculating the appropriate stakes and offering tools to manage and track the bets.
  4. Tracking profits: RebelBetting’s software includes features to help users track their profits and monitor their betting activity, including a built-in calculator to help users determine their potential profits from a given arbitrage opportunity.
  5. Providing user support: RebelBetting offers support to its users through a variety of channels, including a user manual, FAQs, and email support. The company also provides training materials and tutorials to help users get the most out of its software.

Need more info? Check my RebelBetting Review.

#2. OddsJam Review – premium arbitrage bet finder – USA

OddsJam is the main player, the biggest arbitrage betting software in the USA. At the moment, they are offering the most comprehensive blog and video guide for learning sure betting and value betting (for bettors from the USA).

Despite their age (starting operating only in 2021) the skill and the time/money investment in this software seem to have an insane effect.

This arbitrage bet finder started with a simple interface but at the moment they are offering fast and accurate arbitrage betting software.

With the 7-day free trial, you can try their services and start earning several times more than a monthly subscription will cost.


 $199 – monthly subscription

oddsjam arbitrage bet finder usa pricing

Bookies: 36+ (growing number due to constant development)

Sports: 9

PROS of Oddsjam

  • Full access to each tool for 7 days for free
  • Fairly fast scanner, compared to many European-based sure bet finders
  • They follow the basis of sure betting and value betting
  • In the basic subscription plan, you can get the low-holds and odds comparison tools as well
  • They are focusing on the bookies with many sure bets and overpriced odds
  • Many tutorial videos on YouTube and in-depth articles about important topics
  • They cover the most US bookies
  • One of the best arbitrage betting software in Canada
  • Free tools such as their player props application

CONS of OddsJam

  • Requires bank card for the free trial (it’s a tiny con from my point of view because it is needed to avoid users exploiting their trial)
  • Not the cheapest arbitrage bet finder
  • It’s not unusual to find sure bets that are already expired (which is common at each sure bet finder)
oddsjam arbitrage betting software USA

My experience with OddsJam:

  • I like when an arbitrage bet finder service helps their new customers with video and written tutorials
  • They have a fast, skilled, and client-first customer service
  • They are the best arbitrage betting software for bettors from the US and Canada by far (because of their speed, interface, and filters)

Based on my experience, a 7-day free trial is enough to figure out the majority of tools and functionality of a sure bet finder. OddsJam offers this free trial for each of its new customers. They give access to each of its tools, including the pre-match sure bet finder and value betting software as well.

Their business decisions (acquiring their US sure bet finder competitor OddsBoom) caused mixed feelings in many bettors. However, after offering a free app for player props and giving access to many valuable sure betting-related tools, I think smart bettors don’t have too much to argue about.

Do you need more info? Check my detailed OddsJam review.

#3. BetBurger – Premium arbitrage bet finder

BetBurger is at the top of my list for both their free and premium version for a good reason. 

I am still using their In-play arbitrage bet finder, and I genuinely think there is no other service with such a comprehensive offer.


€129/€229 per month. They have daily, weekly, and yearly subscriptions too.

Bookies: 80+ 230 of their clone bookmakers

Sports: 36+ including each popular/important sport

PROS of BetBurger

  • Arb finder with the most bookmakers
  • Hundreds of clone bookies covered
  • Each relevant sport covered
  • A fast refresh rate on new sure betting opportunities
  • Advanced filters that help you personalize their arbitrage betting software: delay in arbs, min-max odds, min-max arb percentage, etc.
  • Cross-market scanner (example: combines scanning between Asian and European handicaps)
  • A big team is working on solving each issue as fast as possible
  • The most comprehensive in-play arbitrage betting software on the market
  • Account freeze: you can stop your subscription for a shorter period (up to 28 days) if you can bet

CONS of BetBurger

  • At weekends with many sports events, they struggle to scan each bookie properly (not every time, but it’s not rare as well)
  • Might seem expensive for beginners
  • A fast scanner that might scare new bettors when sure bets appear and disappear in seconds
BetBurger paid and free arbitrage betting software in action

My experience and some facts about BetBurger:

1. Scanning the most bookmakers

By covering over 80 base bookies and hundreds of their clones, BetBurger is scanning the most bookies. They cover all essential betting sites from the EU, and many from Africa, Asia, and even from the USA and Canada.

2. Fast and reasonably accurate display of arbs

Based on my experience, BetBurger is not the fastest scanner, but the difference between them and the top ones is unnoticeable (0.1-0.5 sec.).

When it comes to displaying accurate odds, BetBurger sometimes seems to struggle with offering perfect odds. It’s not uncommon to experience wrong arbs (wrong markets or not correct odds).

BetBurger arbitrage bet finder filters
BetBurger arbitrage bet finder filters

By reading this, you could ask why they are nr. 1 in this list. Well, every sure bet finder is making mistakes, and even the most expensive ones can’t offer a perfect service 7/24.

3. Best In-play arb finder (except for football)

Their arbitrage bet finder for in-play matches is covering the most sports and bookmakers by far, compared to their competitors.

By scanning many betting markets at hundreds of bookmakers even when the matches are In-play, BetBurger is offering insane sure betting opportunities.

Pre-match sure betting is relatively profitable, but many people practice it, and the bookies can easily spot them.

When the matches are live, the bookies are making even bigger mistakes, and it is harder for them to correct those instantly.

BetBurger  sure bet finder betting sites scanned
BetBurger sure bet finder betting sites scanned

#4. Surebet.com – Affordable arbitrage betting software – Pre-match

Many arbitrage bettors from Europe started their sure betting career with Surebet.com (or around the years 2012-2016).

Price: €8.9/€28.9 per week/month

Bookies: covering over 190 bookmakers from all around the world, but focusing on the EU and African markets

Sports: 60+ different sports and sub leagues

PROS of Surebet.com

  • Finds arbitrage bets at almost 200 bookies
  • Affordable sure bet finder even for beginners or bettors with a lower starting capital
  • A simple filtering system
  • Has a redirection tool for many bookmakers
  • Excellent arbitrage betting calculator (simple and effective)
  • Free value betting service without limitations
  • Free arbitrage bets with profits up to 1%

CONS of Surebet.com

  • They still need some focus on displaying correct sure bets
  • The filters could get more advanced
surebet.com sure bet finder

My experience and properties of Surebet.com:

Fairly accurate sure bet finder

I started using their services for matched betting but later shifted to arbitrage betting. Like other arb finders, they sometimes display arbs on wrong odds or mistaken markets.

But overall, Surebet.com displays betting opportunities fairly accurately, despite its low subscription fee.

Straightforward filters and many bookies

The most significant advantage of surebet.com is its simplicity, and you will get arbitrage bets from hundreds of bookies on a simple and beginner-friendly platform.

Back in 2014, when I knew nothing about this betting strategy, I figured out each of their tools in 5-10 minutes.

Surebet.com sports filters
Surebet.com sports filters

Advantages of surebet.com 

  1. Offering a free sure bet finder with a profit of up to 1% on each bet. Great for onboarding, beginner bettors.
  2. 100% free value betting software without any kind of limitations. I tested them, making some mistakes, but it is a fantastic tool.
  3. You can get both of these arbitrage/value bet finders with a 60-sec delay
  4. They cover over 180 bookmakers (constantly changing), focusing on betting sites from the EU, Africa, and Asia.
  5. You can find even less-known local bookies.
  6. Their arbitrage bet finder includes opportunities from all major sports and even smaller types, like 4×4 basketball, eSports, etc.
Surebet finder software bookmakers scanned
Surebet finder software bookmakers scanned

Who could benefit from surebet.com?

Everyone with beginner, middle-level experience in arbitrage betting can use their service without needing a more premium service. Their affordable weekly/monthly fees are accessible to almost anyone.

#5. ArbMate Review – 2nd fastest football sure bet finder

ArbMate is the second-fastest software for football arbing. They are scanning fewer markets than OddStorm, which results in way lower subscription fees.

Price: €19, which includes: Bwin, Pinnacle, and Bet365. You can get additional bookies for €3-€12 each.

Bookies: 60+

Sports: Only football + eSports. 14+ markets and cross markets are scanned.

PROS of ArbMate

  • They have an outstanding scanning speed (one of the most important factors when choosing an arb finder)
  • The sure bets are displayed fairly accurately (industry standard)
  • Excellent user interface and arbitrage betting calculator
  • They are the part of Oddstorm team (the fastest sure bet scanner)
  • Affordable for each bettor due to their subscription plans

CONS of ArbMate

  • Does not cover sports like Basketball or tennis (but they are planning to)
arbmate arbitrage betting finder software

My experience with ArbMate

  1. Fast, sure bet finder for football
  2. Affordable prices. You don’t have to pay for bookies that you are not using
  3. User-friendly interface with notifications, great, sure bet calculator
  4. Redirection tool for free (with only one click it is opening the football event at the desired bookie)
  5. Pre-match/In-play arbitrage finders as well
  6. Polish and middle bets are available

The target audience of this arbitrage bet finder:

  1. European sure bettors with beginner/medium level experience
  2. Arbers to focus on football
  3. Bettors who don’t use over 15-20 bookies (OddStorm or BetBurger might be cheaper in this case)

#6. Breaking Bet – budget-friendly sure bet finder 

Breaking bet is the cheapest arbitrage betting software I have ever used. Despite their low fees, they display many arbitrage bets that are also fairly accurate.

Price: €3.99-€11.99

Bookies: 47 for pre-match arbing and 32 In-play

Sports: 12

PROS of Breaking Bet

  • Focusing on bettors from Africa and the EU
  • Affordable even for total beginners with a very low starting capital
  • User-friendly interface and filters
  • Fairly fast sure bet finder
  • Displays arbitrage bets accurately in most cases
  • Excellent user interface and simple filters
  • Great and simple to use arbitrage betting calculator
  • Scans some betting sites that are not available in many arbitrage bet finders

CONS of Breaking Bet

  • Does not scan too many betting sites
  • Not too many markets are covered
breaking bet arbitrage bet finder software

My experience with Breaking Bet

Overall, Breaking Bet is a great arbitrage betting software for someone with a lower budget. But I would like to mention that expecting the same number of sure bets from Breaking bet compared to a tool that costs 30-120 euros a month is unreal.

Need more info? Check my detailed Breaking Bet Review.

#7. OddStorm – fastest arbitrage bet finder for football

I have compared many sure bet scanners with each other. Whenever I’m actively arbitrage betting, I have to focus on using fast software with trustworthy odds.

Price: €155/€195 per month In-play – they have daily/weekly subscriptions as well

Bookies: 71+

Sports: Football only, but very important and even minor markets as well

OddStorm is claiming that their scanner is the fastest one for football. I tested this by opening the top 3 in-play arb finders for football.

Oddstorm sure bet finder for football

After a short experiment, the result was the following:

  1. OddStorm is truly the fastest overall. BetBurger displayed many sure bets before OddStorm, and I started thinking they are faster. But after checking them for several minutes (in a busy period), I noticed a slight advantage at OddStorm. This 0.2-0.4 sec can mean a lot in arbitrage betting
  2. OddStorm is covering more markets and cross-market sure bets

For whom I would recommend OddStorm?

  • For those who need arbitrage betting software only for football
  • Experienced sure bettors (required bigger capital)
  • Bettors from the UK, Sweden, Norway
  • Looking for software that is capable of redirecting you to the bet slip with one click

#8. BetWasp – semi-automated arbitrage betting software

BetWasp is offering In-play arbitrage betting opportunities as a side business of BetBurger. This sure bet scanner is operating as a downloadable application.

Price: free at the moment

Bookies: 15

Sports: 38

Advantages of BetWasp

  1. Fast sure bet finder
  2. It was developed for automatically placing sure bets after selecting the events
  3. Their redirection tool is great for placing more sure bets even faster
  4. Excellent for fast sports like Basketball or Tennis

#9. OddsBoom Review – Arbitrage software in the USA & Canada


OddsBoom was bought out by OddsJam. The information below is no longer valid. If you need software for arbitrage, value, or matched betting visit my OddsJam review.

OddsBoom is the most affordable compact odds comparison site. Besides this tool, they offer services like Bonus cruncher (for matched betting) and arbitrage betting software.

Price: $5/day, $15/month, $150/year

Bookies: 100+, including international and offshore betting sites

Sports: 7

PROS of OddsBoom

  • Most affordable arbitrage bet finder in the USA
  • The price includes value betting, matched betting software, and odds comparison tool as well
  • This arbitrage bet finder has the most welcoming user interface and design in the industry
  • A fast and skilled customer service response each time
  • An arbitrage betting software that is under a constant development

CONS of OddsBoom

  • Arbitrage betting was only a side product, it still needs some development
  • Not the fastest arb finder out there
oddsboom arbitrage in action

My experience with OddsBoom

  1. I like the affordable for each bettor no matter the experience level and starting capital
  2. Displaying fairly accurate odds on arbitrage bets
  3. Excellent user interface
  4. One of the best sure bet finders for bettors from the US or Canada
  5. Great filters for markets and bookmakers as well
  6. You can read more about this arbitrage betting software in my detailed OddsJam Review.

What is arbitrage betting software?

Arbitrage betting software is an algorithm developed to compare betting odds between bookmakers. An arbitrage bet finder is capable of displaying significant odds discrepancies between betting sites so sure bettors can take advantage of these mistakes.

By displaying these overpriced markets, smart bettors can place a bet on them and by covering the other outcome at a different betting site, they can achieve a small but guaranteed profit.

Arbitrage betting software are the most important tool for bettors who want to generate a guaranteed profit from sports betting no matter the outcome of an event. It’s one of the few strategies that will make you win in sports betting every time.

Many bettors (like myself) tried and even succeeded to find sure bets manually without the help of these tools. This type of activity requires some experience and a little bit of luck as well.

After many years of arbing experience, I would advise starting with a sure bet finder if you don’t have the knowledge and insider info to spot weak markets and bookies.

Which is the best arbitrage betting finder software for your needs?

I’ve been arbitrage betting for a while, and I think there is a habit that each sure bettor should have. Looking for a new arbitrage betting software once in 1-2 months should be mandatory for each of us.

Each arber is looking for new opportunities to make more profits. Many times this can be achieved by finding new software. 

Why look for a new arbitrage bet finder?

  • You can find a sure bet software that covers more bookies
  • It can have a faster scanner -> more sure bets
  • Some arb finders cover more sports/markets and even crypto bookmakers
  • It might have a lower monthly fee with the same services

Based on my experience, here is a short guide for the best arbitrage betting finders:

  1. Football: Budget – ArbMate; Premium – OddStorm;
  2. Other sports: Budget – Surebet.com, Breaking Bet; Premium – BetBurger, RebelBetting, OddsJam (US);
  3. In-Play: Budget – ArbMate, Breaking Bet; Premium – BetBurger;

The advantages of using an arbitrage bet finder

Arbitrage betting is a strategy that involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event in order to guarantee a profit, regardless of the actual outcome. This is possible because different bookmakers often offer different odds on the same event, and by placing bets on all outcomes at different bookmakers, a bettor can take advantage of these discrepancies to lock in a profit.

Arbitrage betting software can be used to automate the process of finding and placing arbitrage bets, which can be time-consuming and difficult to do manually. Some of the advantages of using arbitrage betting software include:

  1. Speed and efficiency: Arbitrage betting software can quickly scan the market and identify opportunities for arbitrage bets, which can save time and effort compared to doing it manually.
  2. Accuracy: Arbitrage betting software can accurately calculate the required stakes and potential profits for each bet, which can help avoid mistakes and ensure that you are maximizing your profits.
  3. Convenience: With arbitrage betting software, you can place bets on multiple bookmakers from a single platform, which can be more convenient than visiting multiple websites and placing bets manually.
  4. Risk management: Some arbitrage betting software also includes risk management features, such as stop-losses and alerts, which can help you mitigate your risk and protect your profits.
  5. Increased profits: By automating the process of finding and placing arbitrage bets, arbitrage betting software can help you take advantage of more opportunities and potentially increase your profits.

Arbitrage betting finder: free or paid software

Achievable profit

  • Significantly more with paid software, even if you opt-in for a premium service with a higher price tag
  • The difference in possible profits might be even 15X

Number of sure bets

  • You can place more bets with a paid tool because free sure bets are delayed (except with the free trials of RebelBetting or OddsJam
  • Many free arbitrage bets will be disappeared until the software can display them

Bookmaker/sports/markets covered

  • Each arbitrage bet finder covers the same number of bookies in their free and paid version
  • The same goes for sports and markets covered

Is it legal to use arbitrage betting software?

Sports arbitrage, also known as “sure betting,” is a legal form of betting that involves taking advantage of discrepancies in odds between bookmakers to make a profit. The use of software to identify arbitrage opportunities and place bets is also generally legal.

However, it is important to note that the legality of sports betting and arbitrage betting can vary depending on the laws and regulations of a specific jurisdiction.

In some countries and regions, sports betting may be illegal or heavily regulated, and the use of arbitrage betting software may be restricted or prohibited. It is always important to be aware of and comply with the laws and regulations that apply to you.

Is arbitrage betting software worth it?

It is possible to use arbitrage betting software to identify and take advantage of discrepancies in odds between different bookmakers and make a profit through sports arbitrage.

However, it is important to carefully consider whether such software is worth the cost, as it may not always be easy to identify and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, and bookmakers may restrict or limit the accounts of users who are identified as engaging in arbitrage betting.

Additionally, the use of arbitrage betting software may be restricted or prohibited in some jurisdictions, and it is important to be aware of and comply with the laws and regulations that apply to you.

It may be helpful to do some research and consider factors such as the reputation of the software provider, the cost of the software, and the potential profits that can be made through the use of the software before making a decision.

But based on my personal experience and on conversations with several friends from this industry, arbitrage betting is still very profitable. If you can use the above-mentioned arbitrage bet finders, each of them is worth purchasing.


Which are the best arbitrage bet finders?

1. BetBurger – EU
2. OddsJam – USA & Canada
3. OddStorm – football, EU
4. ArbMate – football, budget, EU + Africa
5. Breaking Bet – Africa, cheap

Best arbitrage betting software with a downloadable app?

1. OddStorm
2. RebelBetting
3. BetWasp

How to pick the best arbitrage betting software?

Beginner-sure bettors should take advantage of the free trials offered by the most reliable arbitrage betting software such as RebelBetting or OddsJam. Both can offer enough tools and guides to take the most out of their trial period.

Which are the best top in-play arbitrage betting finders?

BetBurger and Oddstorm are offering the highest quality arbitrage betting finder services for in-play events. Both of them have a wide range of filters, bookie coverage, and a fast odds-scanning algorithm.

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