8 Tips For How To Bet On Football Without Losing

I’ve been actively using many types of betting techniques even without losing, strategies, and risk-decreasing methods since 2014.

In this article, I would like to share my tips on how to bet on football without losing. 

Some of these strategies can guarantee you to win your bets every time, while others generate long-term profits.

How to bet without losing?

Sports betting without losing is not a myth. Betting techniques like matched or arbitrage betting have been accessible to a big audience for more than ten years.

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Many bettors realized a decent income with these almost zero-risk betting strategies.

Others took a more significant step and started increasing stakes to profit even more from these no-loss betting techniques.

Each of these can guarantee to win and make a profit in your bets every time.

By covering both outcomes on overpriced odds or using bonus offers, you can beat the bookies.

1. Use mathematical betting techniques

Do you want to know how to win football bets mathematically?

Following the right strategies based on mathematics is proven to be profitable. Tens of thousands of bettors can beat the bookmakers with the help of 100 per cent winning strategies.

The simplest and easiest no lose betting strategies are: matched betting and arbitrage betting (sure betting).

I am already covering both of these techniques.

I’ve been actively arbitrage betting since 2014, and I think this is the easiest and most profitable way to win your bets every time.

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Or my article about the best free arbitrage betting software such as OddsJam for US bettors or RebelBetting in the EU.

Many bettors don’t like taking risks, and even the smallest can discourage some if the outcome is not guaranteed. Not everybody can handle losing in sports betting.

I have a dedicated article about matched betting in the USA.

It includes the basics of this strategy and the top software that US bettors might want to use.

2. Follow tipsters with long betting history

I still see many bettors who believe that tipsters on social media or telegram groups can offer valuable tips. Some of them might be experienced in one sport. 

But finding a good tipster that can offer football bets without losing is rare in the long run. 

Bettors looking for winning tips every day should stop following this kind of tipster.

tipstrr football betting without losing

You can’t get betting tips without losing some of them even by using the best trustworthy tipster services.

But if you start following tipsters on platforms such as Tipstrr, you can check which tipster has a long betting history with great results. Many of them can offer quality predictions.

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Or check my detailed article about the best tipster sites and football betting tipsters.

3. Follow football statistics sites 

The biggest difference between bookies and average bettors is the number of statistics each use. The odds and betting lines are generated based on historical data. 

If you can calculate the possible outcome of a match more accurately, you can beat the bookmakers.

This technique is not the best way to bet without losing. But having access to football statistics databases can highly increase your long-term profits.

Many services are offering football data even for free. For example Zcode System and PlaythePercentage, both have a 7-day free trial for their services.

Zcode system interface
Zcode System – football betting statistics for betting without losing in the long run

But if you want to make money in football betting with less risk, opting for a cheaper but somewhat premium service is essential.

Many of these services offer fairly correct football betting predictions in percentages. These are based on football statistics and historical data from almost ten years of matches.

4. Use a proper money management strategy

No matter what kind of betting strategy or tipster you follow, the way you choose your stakes can make or break your long-term profitability.

Betting without losing with the help of strategies like matched betting or sure betting does not require a strict staking plan. 

But if you start a more advanced technique like value betting (betting on odds with a positive EV).

Even if you follow tipsters, the correct staking plan can decrease your losses and increase the chance of being profitable in the long run. 

If you want to bet and win in the long run, use flat stakes. Using the same stake every time is not a zero-risk betting strategy for sure. But it can decrease the chance of making bad decisions and help you when facing a longer losing streak.

5. Be a master of a football strategy

I have been using over five different betting strategies (mentioned on this website). My experience is that the more years I had behind me, the more profits I could make in betting.

Even a simple no lose betting strategy like sure betting can be practised on many levels.

With this, you can bet on football and win every time, but with more experience, you can delay even the limitation of your betting accounts.

If you follow a strategy for long enough, you will spot new opportunities. Football betting is perfect for gaining experience and winning more and more every day.

Value betting is not offering every day winning tips, but it can guarantee the most long-term profits. During value betting, you will spot weak markets at your local bookmaker.

These can offer the safest football strategies and bets in the long run. Just think about it! If no sports betting software covers that market, you can place bets on it without getting easily caught for arbitrage or value betting.

6. Stop chasing winning bets

My experience is that chasing winning bets after a losing streak is one of the most significant factors that will stop you from winning in the long run.

If you are not following no lose football betting systems like arbitrage betting or matched betting, you will have losing streaks.

I will be honest with you. Even if you are value betting, you can be at a loss for weeks. It’s possible to place thousands of bets without losing but without winning either.

I had seasons when I made only 200-300 euros in two months after thousands of bets. This phenomenon is called variance, and sometimes you win each bet (even winning streaks of 15 bets).

But in many cases, you need to follow a good staking plan to stagnate. It’s not uncommon to have losing streaks of 10-15 bets. 

In these cases, cold blood, sticking to the plan, and not chasing winning bets is the only way out.

7. Stop parlay betting

Accumulator bets are the biggest money-generating techniques. But not for you!

They are generating the most profits for bookmakers. Betting odds include the juice (profit margin of the bookie), and every time you combine bets, you increase this.

The possible profit is not increased proportionally by increasing your risk of losing your whole stake. 

The more selection you have in a parlay bet, the less chance you have even for long-term profits.

Bookies like and promote this style of betting for a good reason. Some people win considerable amounts with these parlay bets, but the bookies win significantly more. 

8. Use bookmakers with a low-profit margin 

I’m still amazed when some people think they can bet without losing at a bookie with a profit margin of over 6-7%.

Of course, with the right betting strategy like sure betting or matched betting, you still can make a guaranteed profit.

But many bettors place their accumulator or single pick bets on the worst odds possible.

If you choose outcomes with a 50% chance to win, do you think you will be in a profit in the long run with odds under 1.90?

I’m 100 per cent sure that these picks will make you lose your bets in the long run.

Choosing the right bookies with profit margins of around 2-3% is your best chance of betting without losing your whole balance after 100 bets.

Betting sites without verification are also an excellent option to find high odds due to the lack of regulation they have to obey. These bookmakers without verification often times offer significantly higher bonuses and a way better market and even coverage.

How to never lose a football bet?

Each gambler and bettor wants to find a betting strategy that guarantees you never to lose a football bet.

The problem starts when they stop researching after the first tip or website. Never losing a football bet is possible with only a few betting strategies like arbitrage betting or matched betting.

You are making small but guaranteed profits every time by covering each outcome.

1. Not losing football bets with matched betting

The majority of bookmakers want to get as many new clients as possible. Their biggest tool for keeping bettors active and acquiring more is offering bonuses.

Most bettors will lose even with the help of a generous bonus offer. But wise punters using the betting technique called matched betting can succeed in never losing their football bets.

By covering both outcomes on the correct odds, you can avoid losing while completing the roll-over requirements on your bonuses.

This is almost a zero-risk betting strategy, and I say almost because human error is possible even after many years of experience.

But matched betting itself is one of the easiest ways to win your bets every day and make a healthy profit.

2. Arbitrage betting: win your bets every day

As I already mentioned, I’ve been using arbitrage betting as my primary no lose betting strategy since 2014.

I did not practice sure betting every day for over eight years, and I’m focusing on other techniques too. But based on my experience, using sure bet finders is the best way to bet on football and win every time.

If you can find wrong/overpriced odds, betting on them and covering the other outcome at another bookie will generate a guaranteed profit.

Using the right stakes is essential, but each arbitrage betting software includes these.

Short example: 

  1. Bet on Nadal at a bookie on odds of 2.10 (which is overpriced)
  2. Cover his opponent at another bookie on odds of 2.10
  3. Use the same stakes for each outcome
  4. Harvest the guaranteed profit of 5%

Check my following article and find out how to find arbitrage opportunities in sports betting.

3. Use the best tipster services

Being a member of the best tipster services and platforms is not a 100 per cent winning strategy for football. Even the best tipster can’t offer winning bets every time.

But following the right service with trustworthy tipsters with a long betting history can offer you some profits without being time-consuming.

Many bettors don’t have the time and energy to start the aforementioned no-lose betting strategies. For them, reliable football tipsters can be the perfect solution.

I know some bettors who have been watching football for over 15 years, and this fact by itself is not making someone win football bets every day.

But combining this knowledge about players and teams with mathematics betting strategies and the right statistics can allow them to win in the long run.

Some of these football tipsters can offer valuable information and almost 100 per cent winning tips. 

By this, I mean long-term profitability that can be experienced after several hundreds of bets are placed.

How to find football tipsters that can guarantee long-term winning?

Use tipster services like Tipstrr. They are offering a platform for successful and verified tipsters. Their betting history cannot be manipulated, so every time you check a prediction, you will get 100 per cent transparency.

4. Use odds comparison sites

Every time a bettor is placing a bet should focus on finding the best possible odds on that outcome.

I know that not everyone has the opportunity to use 5-10 bookmaker accounts simultaneously.

But having funds on at least 2-3 bookies should be mandatory for everyone who wants to win from betting.

Getting higher odds means a bigger payout and possibly beating the bookmakers in the long run.

Many odds comparison sites and sure bet finders are covering 100+ bookmakers. 

These are scanning the bookies every 3-4 sec In-play and 15 sec Pre-match to spot overpriced and the highest odds on each betting market.

This betting software is the basis of betting without losing and 100 per cent winning bets.

Example: By using a similar service, you can increase your average odds from 1.88 to 1.95 or even higher. This can have a massive effect on much you would bet and win on football. 

For the same profits, you would need to fewer bets.

5. Win bets every day with football statistics

As I already mentioned using the right database of statistics can significantly increase your chances of betting without losing in the long run.

Many betting football statistics websites gather data from tens of thousands of matches each year. Most of them cover even smaller leagues that can offer the most value.

Most of these statistics are offered in a format of percentages. This way, you can easily convert them to odds and check if the bookies are offering higher or lower odds than that.

These statistics are not offering any loss football tips but can significantly increase profitability in the long run.

Tipsters who want to offer football predictions that won’t be lost every time often use similar services. 

Even if you are a simple bettor following a tipster service, you can check the reliability of a new pick.

In the long run, betting on football and winning is a complex process. If you start combining tipster services and backing their predictions with statistics, you can increase your chances of winning.

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How to bet without losing?

1. Use mathematical betting techniques
2. Use a proper money management strategy
3. Follow tipsters with long betting history
4. Be a master of a football strategy
5. Stop chasing winning bets
6. Stop parlay betting
7. Follow football statistics sites 
8. Use bookmakers with a low profit margin

How to never lose a football bet?

1. Not losing football bets with matched betting
2. Arbitrage betting: win your bets every day
3. Use the best tipster services
4. Use odds comparison sites
5. Win bets every day with football statistics

How to win a bet every time?

Winning a bet every time is possible with the help of mathematical betting strategies such as arbitrage betting, matched betting, and sports trading.

How to bet on football and win?

Following the right betting strategies based on mathematics, using bookmakers with high odds and low profit margins, and using a proven staking technique is the best way to bet and win on football in the long run.