No-Risk Matched Betting USA – Top Software [2023]

I have tested and actively practised several betting strategies for many years. Matched betting or bonus hunting was the first technique that helped me generate a risk-free income from sports betting.

Matched betting in the USA is getting more and more attention due to new states allowing online sports betting, and the number of available bookmakers is growing each day.

No-Risk Matched betting in the USA is the best method to make guaranteed profits from sports betting.

No-Risk Matched betting software in the USA

Many bettors still can’t decide if it is worth subscribing to a similar service.

But here are some facts, based on my experience, to prove that matched betting in the USA is worth trying only with the help of software:

  • Without a matched betting software, most betting opportunities will be with a negative profit (Example: -200 at the bookie with the bonus and +180 at the other bookie. Each $100 wagered on similar bets will make you lose 2.32% of your total stakes. After wagering 700 dollars on similar bets would make you lose more than a monthly fee of a software)
  • The odds are moving reasonably fast, even on sports events before starting. If you are not fast enough, you will miss many of them
  • Without a matched betting software, the time to find a proper opportunity would take too much (sometimes, even a regular 9 to 5 job will have a higher hourly salary)

1. OddsJam

OddsJam started offering their services only in 2021, but their dedication and high-quality service brought them an insanely big audience. At the moment, tens of thousands are following them and taking advantage of their services.

Their Low-hold service is an excellent tool for matched betting in the USA. By having the odds feed on 36+ betting sites, they can be the fastest in displaying overpriced odds at each US bookie.

oddsjam matched betting software

Advantages of OddsJam matched betting software

  • The fastest, real-time odds comparison tool for US bookies
  • 7-day free trial for each of their tools
  • Excellent user interface and skilled customer service
  • Hundreds of videos and written article about each relevant and proven mathematical betting strategy such as arbitrage betting or value betting

Need more information? Check my OddsJam Review

2. OddsBoom 


OddsBoom was bought out by OddsJam. The information below is no longer valid. If you need software for arbitrage, value, or matched betting visit my OddsJam review.

OddsBoom is one of the most affordable and famous matched betting software in the USA. 

They are scanning 50+ betting sites and offering matched betting software and many other tools for sports betting.

OddsBoom focuses on offering an excellent odds comparison service that displays the highest odds for each relevant sports event and market.

oddsboom no risk matched betting software USA

Advantages of OddsBoom for matched betting in the USA

  • Covering each relevant betting site that accepts US customers
  • The Bonus Cruncher tool displays odds discrepancies and matched betting opportunities between betting sites
  • Excellent user interface
  • Filters to include or exclude specific betting sites, sports, etc.
  • The lowest monthly subscription fee


$5 / 1 day

$15 / 1 month – Plus membership

$150 / 1 year – save two months’ worth of subscription

What is no-risk matched betting in the USA?

Reading about promises such as guaranteed and risk-free profit will make even the most naive bettor suspicious.

Each betting site has a decent profit margin between 3% to 9%. Most bettors think that the house will always win in the long run.

This fact is valid until you play by their rules. Fortunately for us, almost every bookmaker is giving bonus offers for new and even existing customers.

So what is the role of matched betting at US bookmakers?

No-risk matched betting at US bookies has the role of completing rollover requirements for bonus offers without losing money.

This betting technique is used to cover each outcome on the market in order to win a bet no matter who wins.

A matched bettor simultaneously places a bet at a US bookie with a bonus and covers the other outcome at another betting site.

This way, no matter who wins, you will have a winning outcome, and the rollover requirement is also completed for the bonus.

No-risk matched betting in the US and other countries work only if you pick the correct odds and stakes. 

You will need to find slightly overpriced markets manually or with the help of matched betting software for US customers.

Is no-risk matched betting in the USA legal?

No-risk matched betting is a legal betting activity in each state of the USA where sports betting itself is legalized, and bookmakers have a legal license to operate.

Matched betting is some kind of loophole that can offer guaranteed profits. And we all get a little bit suspicious when a risk-free investment or income source is offered for a concise time and money investment.

The advantage of this strategy is that you are depositing your funds only to licensed and trustworthy betting sites. So, every wager you make is legal, and this way, matched betting itself at these betting sites is also permitted.

How to do matched betting in the USA?

The steps of no-risk matched betting are pretty similar in almost every country and in the USA as well.

1. Check if sports betting is legal in your state

It’s an obvious task, but it might be one of the most important. Using bookies without a license in your state is risky, and I think it is not worth it for many of us.

2. Have enough money to start matched betting in the US

In most countries, betting sites offer a free bet of 20-30 euros for new customers. But US bookies have way higher welcome bonuses, even up to 2000 – 3000 dollars for new customers.

Even if you want to start with smaller bonuses such as $500, you will need at least $1500-$2000 to complete these offers without problems.

3. Use a matched betting software

Finding matched betting opportunities manually is possible but not easy and time-efficient at all. 

Matched betting is based on slightly overpriced odds, such as finding an odd of +200 instead of +160. This odds difference will open the opportunity to cover the other outcome on odds of -200 with the right odds.

No matter which outcome wins, you will win the same amount, and the rollover requirement on the bonus offer is met.

These wrong odds appear and disappear from one minute to another in many cases. While having access to hundreds of sports events on a daily basis, finding these overpriced odds is not easy.

Matched betting software constantly scans each sport and many markets to find odds discrepancies between betting sites.

These tools might have free versions, free trials, or a meager subscription fee. Even a monthly price of $15 – $20 is nothing when you are completing $5000 worth of bonus offers.

Is matched betting in the USA profitable?

Matched betting is profitable in every country and every state of the US, where bookies are legally offering online betting services and bonus offers as well.

Many betting sites offer only a few hundred dollars for new customers, while others want to attract as many active players as possible.

Some of the bookies that offer 100 Euros in Europe decided to offer $500 or even $1000 for new US customers.

These opportunities and trustworthy bookmakers make matched betting in the USA profitable.

Bettors from New York, New Jersey, or many similar states can have access to bonus offers worth over $10.000. You can withdraw around 85-90% of these funds with almost no risks taken with matched betting.

Downsides of matched betting in the USA

  • If you become greedy and place bets on lower, more minor leagues, betting sites might flag your account faster, and you can get your account limited
  • Matched betting at a US bookie with a limited account is an almost lost cause: getting your max stake limited while you still have to wager thousands of dollars is the last thing you want to experience
  • You need a decent starting capital to take full advantage of the bonus offers

Conclusion: Software for No-risk matched betting in the USA

No-risk matched betting in the USA is the most straightforward legal betting strategy to beat the bookmakers mathematically in the long run and make profits from bonus offers. Besides many other matched betting software, in the USA, OddsJam offers the most value.


Is no-risk matched betting in the USA possible?

No-risk matched betting is a possible and very profitable technique to generate guaranteed profits from US bookies that offer bonuses for new and existing customers.

Is no-risk matched betting legal in the USA?

No-risk matched betting is a legal and not regulated betting activity in every country and USA as well. You can practice matched betting in each state where sports betting itself is legal, and bookies have a legal license