Automated arbitrage betting bot/software (2023)

Using an automated arbitrage betting software or bot is the secret desire of each sure bettor.

After arbing for several years and following each relevant forum and topic related to manual and automated arbitrage betting, here is what I know about this topic.

What is an automated arbitrage betting software?

An automated arbitrage betting software is capable at least of calculating the right stakes for each outcome of a sure bet and then placing the bets on the right odds.

A fully automated arbitrage betting bot is capable of completing the whole process of scraping odds from the selected bookies and placing the right bets correctly.

automated arbitrage betting software bot screenshot

For the lowest possible mistakes, the bot should place one bet on a soft bookie and one on an arbitrage-friendly bookmaker.

Placing bets with an arbitrage bot automatically requires a deep understanding of the whole sure betting process and the issues behind successfully avoiding mistakes.

When it comes to successful arbitrage betting, there are many obstacles which need human input and fast decision-making.

This is the main reason why so many skilled developers failed to make a working tool.

Is there an automated sports betting arbitrage bot?

At the moment there is no arbitrage betting bot that works perfectly and is accessible for the big audience.

You can find many services and bots and 90% done codes on Git Hub.

But if you are looking for an automated betting bot that you can purchase, I would advise you to stop wasting your time and hear me out.

The best solutions, closest to being an automated arbitrage betting software/bot are BetBurger and BetWasp.

Both are the products of the same company.

Check my BetBurger review for more info on their tools and how I used them.

At the moment they are running as the fastest arbitrage and value bet finder services

BetBurger is focusing on the entire market, while Betwasp scans bookies from the US and Canada.

Their biggest advantage is the redirection tool.

By clicking on the odds on a sure betting opportunity, the tool will open the desired betting site/sport in a new tab.

This way bettors can shorten the timeframe between finding a sure bet and covering each leg.

What are the steps to automate arbitrage betting?

1. Scrape bookies or get API for arbs/odds

After understanding the strategy behind arbitrage betting and having the right knowledge to develop an arbing bot, you will have access to the following things.

Successfully running a sure betting bot requires a fast and error-free source of data. 

This can be achieved either by scraping the bookies yourself (which is a black/grey zone) or purchasing an API with the needed info.

BetBurger is one of the most advanced arbitrage betting software both for pre-match and value betting. 

Besides these services, they sell the essential data through API which can be an excellent basis for an automated arbitrage betting bot.

In my opinion, this is the fastest, least painful and most time-consuming method you can achieve in developing a working arbing bot.

2. Develop an automated arbitrage betting software/bot

After having the data you need, you either hire a developer ($$$) or you have the knowledge to finish a bot yourself.

Both outcomes will put you in a pretty hard position.

Learning sure betting to a decent level requires a big chunk of time and effort. 

Having to ask a developer to build up an automated arbitrage betting software with zero knowledge about sure betting will be a big challenge.

Is it worth it? 

There are many factors, but you will find out immediately.

3. Monitor the betting process and results

Even if you can develop a working bot, you will need to monitor the bets placed.

Bettors who place sure bets manually struggle to cover each outcome of an arb on a daily basis.

An automated arbitrage bot can’t have the same quality problem solutions as an experienced bettor. 

As an example: the odds are dropping pretty fast even when you are betting on pre-match events.

An automated arbitrage bot should at least alert you about failing to cover each outcome of the betting opportunity.

There are several other cases when a bot can easily fail.

Can you automate arbitrage betting?

In theory, yes automated arbitrage betting is possible. However, based on a large number of feedback from developers + bettors, the number of errors is pretty high.

This makes automated arbitrage bots hard to run with consistent profits.

The most successful part of automating arbitrage betting is with software that can find sure bets in a matter of seconds.

From finding arbs manually, this automation is a big step and will significantly increase the number of bets you can place.

Difficulties of automated sure betting bots


Being fast in arbing is one of the most crucial points to long-term success. 

You need to find new betting opportunities in a matter of seconds. 

Being late even with 1-2 seconds compared to other bettors will mean a significantly lower betting volume.


Being fast enough is only the start. An automated or semi-automated arbitrage betting bot has to compare odds between the right markets.

Even the biggest arb finders make the mistake of displaying arbs because comparing the wrong markets with each other.

Not paying attention can mean significant losses even for bettors who place bets manually.

Firing up an automated arbitrage betting software and placing bets on different markets can mean losing your whole betting capital even in a matter of hours.

Error handling

When a bot is not able to fully complete the sequence (placing a single bet and not covering the other outcome), the least it should do is send a notification to you.

In this situation, you can cover the other outcome on lower odds or at another betting site.


What is an automated arbitrage betting software? 

An automated arbitrage betting software is a betting bot that calculates stakes for sure bets and places them on the right odds.

Is there an automated sports betting arbitrage bot? 

There is no perfect automated arbitrage bot available now for a wide audience. However, BetBurger and BetWasp are close options.

What are the steps to automate arbitrage betting?

1. Scrape bookies or use APIs for odds.
2. Develop the software/bot or hire a developer.
3. Monitor the process and results.
4. Error handling

Can you automate arbitrage betting? 

Yes, you can automate arbitrage betting, but errors can be an issue, affecting consistent profits.

Difficulties of automated sure betting bots? 

Speed: Must be fast to find opportunities. Accuracy: Ensure odds are compared correctly. Error Handling: Notify when bets are incomplete.