Top 5 Value betting software: positive EV bet finders [2022]

If you are looking for the best value betting software or as many bettors call it positive EV bets finder, you are at the right place.

I have uses many of these services during my activity for the past 8+ years of betting. Some of these sites offer arb finders and value bet scanners as well.

There are some big players in this industry with bulletproof excellent value betting software like BetBurger or RebelBetting.

Below you will find a short review, of the advantages and downsides of each value betting service I used.

Best Value Betting Software – Top value bet finders

Below you will find a list of the top value bet finder services for pre-match/in-play betting.

1. BetBurger – Pre-match value betting software

BetBurger is offering the most complex, yet easy-to-use value bet finder. They are covering the widest range of bookmakers, sports, and betting markets.

I have used their pre-match and in-play services for many years. Despite their mistakes, wrong arbs, and bugs, they have the most comprehensive tool.

betburger pre-match value betting software


  • They cover over 300 bookies together with base betting sites + their clone sites
  • One of the fastest scanners (fast refresh rate of value betting opportunities)
  • Value bets from over 40 different sports and many betting markets
  • I like the straightforward filters
  • Opportunity for freezing your account in case you can’t place bets for some days
  • Free value bets with a profit of up to 2%
  • Subscription plans for short periods (1 day, 1 week)


  • Sometimes they display wrong arbs (at weekends), but if you report them, BetBurger will start focusing on these issues (if they are a major problem)
  • Premium, high prices for a quality service. You need some experience to fully benefit from their services

My experience:

I’ve made thousands of euros with the help of BetBurger. Their Pre-match value betting service is one of the most important software for thousands of bettors. In 99% of cases, I was satisfied with the value betting software of BetBurger.


  • 4.99€/day
  • 24.99€/week
  • 79.99€/month

2. BetBurger – In-play value bet finder

BetBurger is offering the best in-play value betting software at the moment. I made most of my profits with value betting either with the help of their software or by finding these opportunities manually.

betburger in-play value betting software


  • Fastest in-play scanner
  • Covers the most bookmakers
  • Your account will last longer (bookies are less likely to spot smart betting activities on in-play events)
  • Spotting more value bets compared to pre-match and other competitors
  • Same filter section as at pre-match value betting
  • Many value bets, because the majority of bookies offer more markets when the events are in-play


  • The value bets can disappear from a second to another
  • Requires more experience
  • A fairly high subscription fee, but it can generate insane profits in the right hand

My experience:

In-play value betting with BetBurger or in general requires someone with experience in arbing/value betting.

This tool has a very fast scanner which will help you spot betting opportunities right in the first moment. But these can disappear before you could even open the bet slip. 

Fast bettors can make insane profits with the help of the in-play value betting software of BetBurger.


  • 8.99€/day
  • 39.99€/week
  • 149.99€/month

3. RebelBetting Value betting software

If you are looking for a pre-match value betting software, choosing between BetBurger and RebelBetting is not an easy task.

RebelBetting has a starter pack/plan for €79 which benefits beginner bettors. This plan is not the only reason why each bettor should check this site. 

They are offering a free trial period of 14 days for new customers. During this time you can make at least 3-4 times more than the fee for the starter subscription plan.

rebelbetting value betting software


  • Fast value bet finder
  • Covers 60+ bookies (mostly from Europe)
  • Easy to use and straightforward user interface
  • Many markets and cross markets scanned
  • Written and video guides for beginner bettors
  • Pricing plan that helps beginners without experience


  • You won’t have access to filters for each smaller betting market
  • Fewer bookies covered compared to BetBurger

My opinion:

The value betting software at RebelBetting is the best for beginner, mid-level bettors. The pricing plan and the user interface will offer everything you need without causing too much confusion.


Value Betting Starter

89€ – 1 month

Value Betting Pro

179€ – 1 month

You can also check my RebelBetting value betting review.

4. Breaking Bet: cheapest value betting software

Breaking Bet is offering the most affordable value betting software for pre-match and in-play events as well.

Breaking Bet is focused on scanning African bookmakers, but many betting sites from Europe and Asia are also available.

breaking bet value betting software


  • 47 betting sites covered for Pre-match and 32 for In-play value betting
  • Fast customer support
  • Easy to understand and to use interface
  • 12 sports scanned
  • Fairly fast and accurate value bet software


  • A cheaper service almost always means a less competitive service. In the case of Breaking Bet, this appears in catching fewer value bets

My opinion:

Breaking Bet is an excellent and affordable software for bettors from Africa. Their positive EV bet finder displays many opportunities but this amount will be way less compared to a premium service.


Pre-match or Live Value



Pre-match or Live Value



Need more info? Check my Breaking Bet Review.

5. OddsJam Value betting

OddsJam is offering a value betting software that covers bookmakers from the US and Canada. They have both pre-match and in-play services.

They started operating back in 2021 and became an industry leader right away in the US because of their quality service.

oddsjam value betting software


  • Covers 36+ bookies (changing number due to developments)
  • Fairly fast scanner both on in-play as pre-match
  • An excellent user interface, filters
  • Hundreds of written and video content for learning about value betting and many other betting strategies
  • 7-day free trial


  • Expensive for in-play events

My opinion:

I have tested OddsJam many times and based on my experience/opinion even if you can’t use OddsJam for any reason, you should follow them.

They are in constant development and by focusing on offering a better service from one day to another, I believe you must try them.


$129 $199 (with Promo code: SSB) – Surebets & Value bets – Monthly

You can read more about them in my detailed OddsJam Review.

Scanning speed at value bet finders

Scanning speed is one of the top influencing factors when you want to choose the right software. 

If the value bet finder you use is capable of scanning faster compared to other services, you will be able to place more bets.

The more people focus on the same outcome, the faster the odds will drop on that betting opportunity. 

A fast value bet finder can give you an edge over other players.

From the software mentioned in this article BetBurger has the fastest refresh rate followed by RebelBetting.

Odds accuracy at value betting software

Each sports betting software has some mistakes and bugs. On the other hand, betting sites are constantly changing their codes and interfaces. 

These developments can cause major mistakes in value bets. I’ve been value betting for many years and the one thing I know is that each value bet finder is offering wrong betting opportunities.

This software can’t function perfectly without having some temporal issues with speed or odds accuracy.

The biggest difference between value bet services will appear in the time and willingness it takes for them to solve important issues.

My ranking of value betting software

I have used a lot of other value betting software. Here you can find my top recommendations in many different categories.

I won’t include OddsJam in these rankings, because there is no real competitor for betting sites from the USA.

Top Value betting software properties ranked

#1. Fastest value bet finder:

  1. BetBurger
  2. RebelBetting
  3. BreakingBet

#2. Odds Accuracy:

  1. RebelBetting
  2. BetBurger
  3. BreakingBet

#3. Nr. of bookmakers

  1. BetBurger
  2. RebelBetting
  3. BreakingBet

#4. Beginner friendly

  1. RebelBetting
  2. BreakingBet
  3. BetBurger

Summary: value betting software

Each positive expected value betting software has its advantages and downsides. A value bet finder like BetBurger is a perfect pick for every bettor with some level of experience. But their subscription fee might seem high compared to other services mentioned in this article.


My profitable betting journey started back at the beginning of 2014. I started building my betting capital with matched betting. After gaining enough profits, I slowly started switching to arbitrage and value betting. With several years of experience, my goal is to help others succeed in sports betting.