Sites to predict football matches correctly [2023]

During my betting activity, I have used many services that can support my betting strategies.

Predicting football matches correctly is a hard task but some sites can offer valuable football data for more accurate predictions.

Below you can find my recommendation about the top 3 sites that can offer fairly correct football predictions either based on pure data or by comparing odds to sharp bookies.

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Tipstrr offers a platform for tipsters to post predictions. Their betting history can’t be manipulated like at other prediction services.

  • Accurate betting history
  • Detailed data of previous bets

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Zcode System

It offers accurate football predictions and notifications based on analyzing historical data with an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm.

7-day trial for $7!

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PlayThePercentage offers data analysis for upcoming events based on data from tens of thousands of matches each year.

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Sites that predict football matches correctly

The bookies are most motivated in getting as accurate statistical data and information as possible.

Most average bettors can’t have the same amount of information that even the smallest bookie has. 

In some cases, on the other hand, bettors can take advantage of more accurate predictions by following some software or services.

1. Tipstrr – Football prediction services

Based on my experience, following talented and well-informed football tipsters who are also trustworthy, can be as profitable as some other techniques.

Football tipsters on platforms such as Tipstrr are not able to delete their losing bets or change the odds or stakes on them.

These facts by themselves are making this platform an excellent place to find fairly correct football predictions. I have a dedicated article for the best tipsters on Tipstrr.

They were selected based on their long betting history and the achieved profits in the last 12 months.

tipstrr football betting without losing

If you are looking for a site that can predict football matches correctly and can offer an almost guaranteed long-term profit, then the other options below might be more beneficial for you.

Many tipsters can offer excellent predictions based on overpriced markets or more accurate information about a future event.

I’m mentioning Tipstrr because they are one of the most trustworthy tipster sites/platforms I have ever used.

Some other these tipsters are offering football predictions for more than 3 years and have only a few losing months.

2. Zcode System – Accurate football predictions with statistics based in AI

There are many services on the internet that collect football data from each available and significant football event.

Getting accurate and decently correct football data for predictions is one of the most important tools for a tipster or a bettor that wants long-term success. 

Fortunately, many football statistical databases are available even for hobby bettors.

I have used many similar software and I found that Zcode System is outstanding when you are looking for a site that predicts football matches correctly.

Zcode System sports betting software and algorithm

Their system is automatically processing statistics from football events for many years. By having a database of information from tens of thousands of matches, they can offer football predictions with high accuracy.

Another factor that makes Zcode System outstanding is its software which is capable of backtesting your football betting strategy. 

This tool will test your betting strategy based on real odds and historical data. It can save you a lot of money and time by checking if your technique will be profitable in the long run or not. 

3. PlayThePercentage – football predictions in percentages

This software is very similar to the above-mentioned service but it has different ways of offering football predictions.

They also process data from tens of thousands of matches each year but their software is not capable of testing your strategy. On the other hand, it can display fairly correct football predictions for upcoming events. 

Finding a site that can predict matches correctly every time is impossible. But sites like PlayThePercentage can help you figure out which team has more chances and how many corners might be scored, etc.

playthepercentage sports betting software statistics algorithm

With this tool, you can select the upcoming football events and get head-to-head data/predictions for many markets. 

This service has an additional strategy, which is even alone worth subscribing to. This football strategy was tested by the creators of PlayThePercentage and generated over 20 thousand Euros in eight months. 

If you open an account with an Elite Membership, you can get access to these football predictions.

4. Sure bets – Football predictions on overpriced odds

Many bettors are looking for sites with correct and accurate football predictions while the real solution for long-term profitability is a proven betting strategy.

I’ve been betting based on mathematical betting strategies for long years. Some of them can offer an almost risk-free profit, while others are focusing on long-term profits. 

Arbitrage betting is the simplest technique you can try. Your task is to follow certain odds comparison services that display overpriced odds. 

By betting on these, you can cover the other outcome with the right odds and generate a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome.

Many bettors (including myself) made tens of thousands with sure betting. Check my recommendations about the best arbitrage bet finders for more info. 

5. Value bets – most profitable football predictions

The other strategy I mentioned is value betting. It is very similar to sure betting but in this case, you are not covering the other outcome of your bets.

By picking football markets on too high odds, you can beat the bookies in the long run. Each betting market is priced fairly accurately but even the biggest bookmakers can’t offer perfectly correct lines.

If you can spot these with the help of value bet finders, you will make a healthy profit in the long run.

How do you predict football matches correctly?

Predicting a football match is challenging ever for bettors with long years of experience. But certain strategies and sites can boost long-term profits.

1. Know football in and out

Many sports fans know an insane amount of info about many players, teams, coaches, etc. And even with this knowledge most of them can’t make profits. 

This kind of engagement for football is not necessary for being profitable in the long run.

But knowing the dynamics of football and the importance of certain events is necessary. 

For example, if you use statistics that suggest a higher probability of an outcome, it does not mean that the bookies are not right. 

For making the right decision you need to have some level of experience to spot when the odds are not right and the betting site is making a mistake.

2. Get professional in some markets

Focusing on some football markets is what can put you at an advantage against bookmakers. 

In some markets, even the slightest change in the game can make a big difference in the odds. Wise bettors are focusing on faster markets such as corners or cards.  

By following football matches on a stream you will be able to spot betting opportunities even before the bookies.

As an example, I would like to mention a sudden change in the playstyle or a key player getting faulted.

Combining these moments with correct football predictions from statistical services can give you a fairly decent advantage against bookies.

3. Wait for real betting opportunities

I know many bettors who can easily become greedy and start running after profits that cannot be achieved with garbage bets.

The one thing that cost me a lot and had to learn the hard way is that there is no way that you can predict an outcome with 100% accuracy.

While I was betting on tennis I thought many times that a player has no chance of returning from that score. But man…how wrong I was.

Long-term profits are coming from fairly accurate football predictions and overpriced odds.

Focusing only on these betting opportunities is what really can make you win and beat the bookies.

4. Focus on in-play football predictions

The majority of great betting opportunities can appear while the football events are live.

Unfortunately, only a handful of football tipsters, statistical tools, or betting software focus on in-play events.

Experienced players know that the majority of betting sites are making insane amounts of mistakes after the start.

There are many changing and influencing factors that will force bookies to have a slow or not accurate reaction to certain events. 

In my last few years, I stopped betting on matches before the start for this simple reason.

On the other hand, bookies can spot smart bettors way harder when the bets are placed on live events. This will help you to use your betting accounts for a longer time and you can earn more with football bets.

This is a serious downside of being able to predict football matches correctly. By winning in the long run with the help of various betting strategies, your activity won’t be welcomed by most bookies. 

6. Use accurate stakes for your football bets

Finding working strategies and predicting football outcomes accurately is not enough for long-term success. Based on my experience, a good staking strategy can make a not-so-good betting strategy profitable.

I’ve been using different money management strategies to make my winnings more stable. 

At the moment, I’ve been using two different methods:

  • Flat staking: same stake for each bet, which is changed when the account balance has significant changes.
  • Percentage-based staking: I use 4%-7% of my actual balance for each bet. This will help me increase profits when I win more and decrease losses in a losing streak.

How do you predict football matches correctly and win?

There are many ways of making money from football betting. One way is to predict the outcomes as correctly as possible, the other is to take advantage of trends in the live event with football trading.

Both of these require some level of knowledge and the ability to predict odds movements in the football event. 

Being able to predict correctly which odds will drop in a football market, you can generate a decent income if you want to learn strategies such as value betting or football trading.

Using the above-mentioned software like Zcode System or value bet finder is the best way to predict football matches correctly and win in the long run.

You might also want to check my detailed article about betting sites with no id verification.


How can I predict a football match correctly?

Following football statistics databases and odds comparison sites is the best way to predict football matches as correctly as possible.

Which sites can predict football matches correctly?

Sites based on football statistical databases can predict football matches the most correctly besides sharp bookmakers.

How do you predict a match correctly and win?

By using the right odds comparison tools and football statistics you can have a fairly correct and accurate picture of the probability of outcomes.