6 Strategies to Win in Soccer Betting With Math [2023]

Regular bettors can’t win in soccer betting due to the simple fact of not following strategies based on math.

The majority of betting sites are profitable because of excellent sports traders and the house edge on each market. 

Players who want to be profitable in soccer betting with math have to find betting outcomes with overpriced odds or the betting lines slightly off.

These can be achieved with several methods or even tools if you don’t have enough experience.

Mathematical Soccer Betting Strategies and Systems

Summary of tips:

1. Combine science with betting: Predictions based on Artificial Intelligence with Zcode Systems

2. Find the best tipster sites and predictions 

3. Win soccer bets with the help of odds comparison sites

4. Profit from bonuses with matched betting

5. Spot value bets – value betting software

6. Profit from sure betting on soccer

The most important thing you need to know is that every betting outcome and odds are generated based on mathematical forecasting. These are based on historical data and available information about teams and players.

The following strategies are the best techniques to make profits on each bet or in the long run, soccer betting.

1. Find trustworthy and successful tipsters

I have followed many tipster websites and services. Based on my experience if a tipster can’t manipulate the betting history, you can’t trust them.

Each prediction site wants to attract as many users as possible. Most of them try with fake proof of their profits and betting history.

On the other hand, some betting platforms such as Tipstrr have developed an outstanding service.

Anyone can offer predictions on their interface but no one can manipulate the betting history or stake size.

If a bettor knows how to win against bookies with math or any type of betting strategy, they will be successful.

But users without the knowledge of winning won’t be successful and their tipster profile will also mirror that.

Tipstrr on the other hand is offering a platform for verified tipsters with a betting history that cannot be manipulated -> Sign up for free!

Do soccer tipsters have a viable strategy?

The first thing you need to check when starting following a football tipster is if they mention how they spot betting opportunities.

Predictions based on checking the closing lines or odds at sharp bookies such as Pinnacle can be profitable in the long run.

The majority of value betting strategies are based on this simple fact. Many tipsters on Tipstrr mention this or similar techniques of how they are capable of winning in the long run.

2. Take advantage of bookie bonus offers

The competition between bookmakers seems to show an increase in the majority of countries. 

Each betting site wants to attract as many new customers as possible and try to reactivate existing ones.

Bettors who know the basics of the strategy called matched betting can easily make profits from soccer betting right from the start.

The basic idea of bonus hunting and successfully withdrawing bonus offers is based on covering each outcome of a market.

This way matched bettors can be profitable against bookies by completing the terms and conditions of each offer without risking their funds and the bonus itself.

The best way to complete roll-over requirements is by finding slightly overpriced odds. 

Matched betting software such as OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator helps bettors to generate profits for more than 10 years. 

For US bettors I have a dedicated article about no-risk matched betting in the USA.

For a small fee, they offer a bookmaker scanner that displays matched betting opportunities. 

Besides this tool, they also have in-depth tutorials and step-by-step video guides that teach you how to practice matched betting.

At the moment matched betting is the easiest to learn a betting strategy that is capable of beating the bookies not only in the long run but right from the first moment.

3. Use odds comparison services

Using odds comparison services should be mandatory for each bettor. There are hundreds of betting sites with different odds providers. 

This situation creates thousands of major odds and betting lines differences between bookies daily.

Beating the bookies with math is the easiest by taking advantage of their weaknesses. The easiest way to achieve profits is by spotting these discrepancies.

Odds comparison services such as OddsJam can scan thousands of odds in seconds and display the highest price for each outcome.

Even the simplest betting strategy can be significantly more profitable when using the highest odds possible for each bet.

These odds comparison tools are the base of betting strategies such as arbitrage or value betting. Unfortunately, even the best odds comparison sites don’t cover each bookie. For example, some of the best bookmakers without verification offer exceptional odds and user interfaces but they are not as popular as their big competitors.

4. Sure betting for beating bookies

Sure betting or in other names arbitrage betting is one of the most secure ways to win soccer bets mathematically.

It is based on odds comparison services that can also spot significant odds discrepancies between betting sites.

If the difference is large enough, bettors can cover each outcome and generate a guaranteed profit no matter who wins.

I have several articles about these techniques: how to find arbitrage bets or arbitrage bet finder.

5. Value betting on soccer

I’ve been practicing value betting for many years. I know for a fact that positive expected value (EV) betting is the best way to win in soccer betting with math.

Each bettor capable of identifying odds that are higher than the possibility of the outcome can also be profitable in the long run.

Value betting is not a risk-free strategy to win against bookmakers. The math behind this technique is when you win your payout is slightly higher compared to the statistical chance of winning that bet.

This way of beating the bookmakers is the easiest by using value betting software for many reasons.

Some of them are the fastest way of monitoring odds on each market at hundreds of bookies. These services can display overpriced odds in a matter of seconds.

Value bettors with EV bet finders can place significantly more bets and the increase in volume will also increase the long-term profits.

I have a dedicated article on the best value betting software. You can see a short betting history of my basketball value betting strategy below.

You can notice fairly big variances caused by losing streaks. But in the long run, I’m always able to beat the bookmakers with value betting.

Can you win in soccer betting?

Mathematically speaking it is very easy following the right soccer betting strategies and make profits. After some minutes of learning, you can learn the basics of arbitrage betting, matched betting, or value betting.

Once you understand these strategies, you will be improving your chances of betting on sports with zero risk.

Finding overpriced odds or guaranteed profits became easy with the help of the above-mentioned services.

You can make profits with even 3-5 local bookies.

The problem with beating the bookies and making profits comes when they start noticing your betting behavior.

There are 4 main stages of each betting account:

  1. Average bettor without risk
  2. Bettor with minimal risk of being profitable
  3. A bettor who gets limited on some markets/sports due to smart betting activity
  4. An account with smart betting activity – will get banned from all sports

Each bettor who wants to make money from sports betting should try staying in the first and second stages.

It’s easy saying this, but each of the strategies I mentioned is focusing on finding loopholes and smart money.

Some steps like avoiding betting opportunities with huge mistakes, small leagues, and big stakes can delay account limitation.

But the sad truth is that each winning bettor will face limitations sooner or later.

Conclusion: Mathematical Soccer betting strategies

  1. Find trustworthy and successful tipsters
  2. Take advantage of bookie bonus offers
  3. Use odds comparison services
  4. Find sure bets to beat the bookies
  5. Value betting on soccer


Can you win with soccer betting strategies?

Yes, each bettor who follows soccer betting strategies based on math can beat the bookies in the long run. These techniques take advantage of overpriced odds and wrong betting lines.

Which are the best soccer betting strategies?

The best soccer betting strategies are based on mathematics and overpriced odds. Every time a betting site offers an outcome with wrong odds creates a guaranteed profit for smart bettors.