3 Best Arbitrage Betting Software in Canada [2023]

Arbitrage betting in Canada is getting more and more famous. Many bettors are looking for mathematical betting strategies to beat the bookmakers.

Sure betting with the help of arb finder services available in Canada can generate thousands of dollars of profits.

I have tested and used each of the following arbitrage bet finders that including bookmakers from Canada. At the moment they are the best tools for Canadian arbitrage betting.

Are you in a hurry? The top arbitrage betting software in Canada: the affordable RebelBetting with a 14-day free trial and bettors with more experience OddsJam with a higher monthly fee of $99. Check my detailed RebelBetting review and OddsJam review for more information.

Many bookmakers from Canada are offering insane bonuses, high maximum stakes, and great odds. These factors make it possible to earn a healthy profit with the software mentioned above.

Top 3 Arbitrage betting software in Canada

If you are looking for the best arbitrage betting software in Canada, you have three main possibilities.

#1. OddsJam – premium arbitrage betting software in Canada

OddsJam is a reasonably new software/business in this industry. They started offering innovative betting solutions at the beginning of 2021. 

If you are looking for a premium service with quality filters/tools for arbitrage betting in Canada, OddsJam is an excellent solution.

Alex, the founder of OddsJam, has put a significant effort into presenting bookmakers’ betting opportunities in Canada. 

oddsjam arbitrage betting software USA

OddsJam properties for arbitrage betting in Canada

Canadian bookmakers scanned by OddsJam

Bet365, Betway, 888Sport, WilliamHill, Bwin, Casumo, LeoVegas, Unibet, 10Bet, Sugarhouse, Draftkings, Caesars, Barstool, PointsBet, etc.

Subscription Plans

Arbitrage plan: $99

Industry Plan: $199

Why use OddsJam for arbitrage betting in Canada?

  • Covering the most essential bookmakers from Canada
  • They offer a wide variety of sports and markets
  • You can get arbitrage bets from Pre-match and In-play events too
  • With only 2-3 good arbitrage bets, you can recover the monthly subscription price

Visit OddsJam Now

Do you need more info? Check my detailed OddsJam review.

#2. BetBurger – alternative arbitrage betting software for Canada

I have used BetBurger for many years daily. At present, I’m subscribing to their services 1-2 times a month.

I’m mentioning BetBurger only because they are scanning some bookmakers available in Canada. But this service is focusing on bettors from Europe and Asia. 

BetBurger arbitrage betting software usa

Canadian bookies scanned by BetBurger

BetBurger is scanning the following bookmakers from Canada: Draftkings, William Hill, Fox bet, Fanduel, 888sport, Unibet, Bwin, Betfred, Betfair, Betway, Casumo, 10bet, etc.

The betting industry in Canada is getting bigger and bigger as more states are opening their gates for online gambling operators.

This means that BetBurger, as the industry-leading software, will scan even more bookies from Canada.

Monthly Subscription Price:

1. Pre-match: 129 euros

2. Live: 229 euros

3. Pre-match/Live: 295 euros

Before opting for a monthly subscription, I would advise trying them with their 1 day or 1-week subscription plans.

Why should you try BetBurger for arbitrage betting from Canada?

BetBurger is not scanning as many Canadian bookies as their other two competitors. But if you have access to ones available in their software, you can’t beat their services. 

With many years of experience behind them, they are offering an insanely fast scanner. 

Why BetBurger for sure betting in Canada?

  • Scanning sports events every 15 sec Pre-match and around 3-4 sec In-play
  • Many Canadian bookies covered arbitrage and value betting as well
  • Most betting markets and sports scanned: you pick between 41 sports and many markets

Visit BetBurger Now

#3. OddsBoom: affordable arbitrage betting in Canada


OddsBoom was bought out by OddsJam. The information below is no longer valid. If you need software for arbitrage, value, or matched betting visit my OddsJam review.

I’ve been testing OddsBoom for a while, and I think they are the best tool that every smart bettor from Canada should try.

OddsBoom is an odds comparison site that focuses on bookies from Canada and Canada. They include over 100 bookies available in either of these countries or essential for intelligent betting.

This odds comparison site offers many tools for different betting techniques. Their primary product compares the odds between bookies and displays the highest ones for each sport or betting market.

oddsboom arbitrage in action

Properties of OddsBoom

OddsBoom is covering around 100 bookmakers many of them available for bettors from Canada (over 30). This number is constantly changing due to software developments.

Bookmakers scanned for arbitrage betting in Canada

888 Canada, Bet365, Bet99, BetWay Canada, PlayNow, ProLine, Rivalry, Spreads.ca, TrueNorth.bet, Unibet Canada, WynnBet, Barstool, BetMGM, Caesers, PointsBet, Tipico, etc.

Besides these, they are covering many offshore bookies that accept Canadian bettors such as BetOnline, Sportstbetting.ag, etc.

They also cover many international bookies that might be important for Canadian arbitrage betting, like Pinnacle.

Betting tools at OddsBoom

#1. Start Arbitrage betting in Canada: 

They are scanning a wide variety of sports and betting markets. They offer many filters that allow you to set up the service based on your needs. It can display only the sports, bookies, markets, and profit % you want to follow.

#2. Bonus Cruncher

This tool is an advanced odds comparison service for matched betting. You can complete bonus offer roll-over requirements with the help of OddsJam. They are displaying matched betting opportunities between the selected Canadian bookies.

#3. Low Holds

It’s an excellent tool for each bettor who wants to spot odds where the bookies have a very low-profit margin. Often they are offering betting markets with a 0% profit margin. These odds are available as a promotion on popular/essential sports events.

Spotting these low-hold opportunities, you can complete bonus offer roll-over requirements. It is a light version of the Bonus Cruncher tool with slightly fewer filter options.

OddsBoom is also scanning some international bookmakers like Pinnacle. It’s important to mention that Pinnacle is the sharpest bookmaker available at the moment, and they offer the most accurate betting lines and odds in the betting industry. 

They are an essential tool for value, arbitrage, and matched betting strategies. 

Most bettors who want to spot odds with a positive EV compare their local bookmaker to Pinnacle to find overpriced markets.

OddsBoom pricing for Canadian bettors

OddsBoom is offering free access to most of its tools. This free account has limited access to the most critical services like arbitrage betting.

You will see some sure bets, but you need to opt-in for their Plus membership to get 100% access to arbitrage bets from Canadian bookies.

I’ve been analyzing the smart betting industry in Canada for a while, and OddsBoom is offering the most affordable yet quality service.

  • 1-day subscription – $5
  • Monthly Plus Membership – only CA$20
  • Yearly Plus Membership – $150 (you save $30)

If you need more information, you can check my detailed OddsJam Review.

How is arbitrage betting in Canada possible?

Canadian sports betting had its real start only in 2022. Many new bookmakers got licenses for offering online gambling services. But not every bookmaker is accessible/legal in each territory of Canada.

Picking the right bookmakers and software for sure betting is not an easy decision.

The easiest way of finding out if arbitrage betting is worth trying in your state or not is by opening a free account at OddsJam

They will display each bookmaker available in your state. If you are still not sure if they are enough for you or not, opt-in for a one-day Plus Membership and check how many sure bets they display.

It is worth trying if they display at least 2-to or 5 a day (you can ask for notifications).

Value betting in Canada

I genuinely think that value betting is superior to arbitrage betting. I have used each betting strategy for football and other sports too. 

But based on my experience with value betting:

  • You can use lower stakes
  • The bookies tend to limit your accounts later
  • You can make 50%-60% more in the long run

The only real downside of value betting is that you have to face losing streaks too. This strategy is based on finding outcomes that are overpriced.

Every time you place a bet on higher odds than the possibility of the outcome, you are beating the bookmakers. This mathematical betting strategy is proven to be the most profitable in the long run.

With the Industry plan of OddsJam, you can get access to each of their services. You will be able to place arbitrage bets and value bets too.

How to start arbitrage betting in Canada?

#1. Spot the available bookies in your state

As I already mentioned, OddsJam is an excellent software to find out which bookies are available in your state. Many arbitrage bettors in Canada try to use offshore bookmakers like Bovada, Betonline, etc. 

They offer very high odds and a wide variety of markets with great welcome bonuses. I’m not saying you should try them, but I wanted to mention how others widen their opportunities.

#2. Focus on bookies with many arbs

Some bookies like BetMGM are making many mistakes. These overpriced odds are creating many sure bets and a lot of profits for smart bettors.

Other bookies have a significant profit margin and fewer betting markets to avoid too many mistakes and intelligent bettors.

Every time I looked for new opportunities and bookmakers, I started using the ones with the surest bets. 

It will save you a lot of money if you stop wasting your time on bookies with low odds and only a few arbs.

#3. Use clever techniques while arbitrage betting in Canada

Many beginner sure bettors quickly become greedy. Looking for arbitrage bets with significant returns and placing bets with big stakes can offer insane profits.

But winning like this won’t last too long. Each bookmaker has in-built betting algorithms that spot obvious smart betting activities. No matter how much profit a bookie makes in a year, they will limit suspicious accounts.

Most bookmakers do not welcome arbitrage bettors.

If you want to practice arbitrage betting in Canada, you should follow these steps:

  • Don’t place bets with stakes over 70% of the max stake
  • Try rounding up your stakes: instead of CA$327, use CA$330
  • Avoid more minor leagues and tournaments: on soccer, I use only League 1, on tennis WTA or ATP, etc.
  • Don’t place more bets on the same market
  • Stop using VPN

Free arbitrage betting software in Canada

The betting services mentioned above offer limited but free access to their tools. With these, you can get an idea of how they work and which might be the best for your needs. 

1. RebelBetting: you can spot the highest odds on each betting market

2. OddsJam: they offer a 7-day free trial for each service. You need to add your bank card, but you can cancel the subscription at any time.

3. BetBurger offers free access to its services for an unlimited time. But the maximum profit on sure bets is limited to 1% and on value bets up to 2%. 

Conclusion on the best arbitrage betting software in Canada

The best arbitrage betting software in Canada is OddsJam and RebelBetting. RebelBetting is scanning fewer US bookies but they have a 14-day free trial. At OddsJam, you can access their premium sure bet services for $66 with the promo code SmartBets22.

You might also want to check my article about how to find arbitrage bets or my in-depth article about the best paid and free arbitrage software.

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